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Category             Joke
Nationality JokesA bit of Iranian/International wisdom.
OtherA MUST READ -- You know when you're living in 2004 when....
Men or Women JokesAhhhhhhhh....Women
Not Really JokesApply your mind
OtherArrested for laughing...........
Men or Women JokesAsses!
Nationality JokesCanadian Temperature Guide
OtherCrazy Pictures NEW!!
OtherEngineering Blues...
Not Really JokesFive lessons to make you think about the way we treat people
Nationality JokesGood Humour
Men or Women JokesGreat Comeback!!
OtherHow to bathe a cat
Men or Women JokesIf Women Ruled the World
Nationality JokesInternational Dating Rules
OtherJapanese Proverb
Nationality JokesLearning Chineese NEW!!
Men or Women JokesLETTER TO A MOTHER
OtherMaintaining a Healthy Level of Insanity NEW!!
Nationality Jokespakistani education system
OtherPictures that need no caption
Men or Women JokesRemarried
Men or Women JokesRhymes
OtherTatoo of the year
OtherThings You Didn't Know - Have a Laugh
Men or Women JokesWives VS Husbands!! Guess who wins every time!!!!

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