Pakistan's education system

INDIANS beware...Indian intellectuals will be facing a tough
wherever they go from now onwards, thanks to the new eduation system
introduced in Pakistan (which is carefully planned following the
of INDIA.!!?). The following are some of the reputed institutes, the
courses offered by them and their Entrance tests:

Islamic Institute of Terrorism (through JEE: Jehadi Entrance
Exam-----coaching for JEE will be offered only in Kashmir and not in
Ramaiah or Krishnamurthy)

International Infiltration Management (through CAT:Careers in Al-Quaeda
Taliban-----------guarenteed foreign placement)

Iraq After Saddam(This is a research course established with the Aid of
CNN-America and not many placement opportunities)

Masters in Militancy Techniques (through GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test
EXTREMISM----------This is a post-graduate course equivalent to Indian
M.Tech. only for the Engineers graduated from IITs)

M.S: Musharraf's Security (highly competitive and equally paid service
through GRE: Grooming the Rising Extremists and TOEFL: Test Of
In Fighting and Looting)

....... Interested candidates can obtain further details and prospectus
free from the following addresses:

The Head,
ISI, Karachi.

The Head,
LeT, Lahore.

The Head,
JeM, Peshawar.

The Headless Head (alias Musharraf)
Military Ruler Of Pakistan, Islamabad.


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