The First Schools


Malton’s first school was built in 1828 and was made of log.  A new brick school was built in 1858 at a different location and named Malton Public School.  In 1923, the log school built in 1828 was torn down and a newer, more modern school was built.  These schools were built on the Malton Town Site at Airport and Derry Roads.


Above:  Malton Public School (1858 to 1923)

Above:  Malton Public School (1923 to 1952)


In the early 1940’s, Victory School was formed on Victoria Crescent and was closed in the 1960’s.  In 1952, a new Malton Public School was created on Airport Road and was closed in June of 1981 after a massive decrease in students due to the opening of many schools that exist today.  After closing, the school was purchased by the Sikh community in 1987 to form a place of worship known as the “gurdwara,” and led to the increase in Sikh population seen through the late 80’s to the present.

Above: Malton Gurdwara (1987)


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