1818 “Second Mississauga Purchase” from Mississauga Indians including Malton was purchased from the Mississauga Indians for 8,500 British Pounds.

1819 First settlers arrive in Malton.  Richard Halliday names Malton after his birthplace in Yorkshire, England.

1828 Malton’s first school was built and was made of log

1850 Malton now had a general store, a cobbler, a hotel, and a blacksmith.

1854 Grand Trunk Railroad line was put through Malton, increasing desirability for businesses in Malton

1858 roughly 500 people lived in Malton including a shoemaker, wagon maker, carriage maker, saddler and a blacksmith.  A new brick school was built on Harrow Street and named Malton Public School

1859 Brampton selected over Malton as Peel County Seat allowing for more facilities to be built in Brampton rather than Malton.

1867 Malton’s population had dwindled down to 200 as Brampton became more and more popular with the construction of a court, jail, and poorhouse.

1914 Malton made a police village allowing it to make its own by-laws.

1923 Malton’s first log school built in 1828 was torn down and a newer, more modern school was built. 

1937 The Port Authority of Toronto starts construction of an airport in Malton.

1939 The National Steel Car Company of Montreal opens an aircraft factory in Malton. 

Early 1940’s Victory School was formed on Victoria Crescent

1942 National Steel Car Company of Montreal in Malton taken over by the federal government and renamed the Victory Aircraft Company, producing the Lancaster Bomber among other planes.

1945 Victory Aircraft Company is sold to the A. V. Roe Company.

1948 Malton’s first separate (Catholic) school was Our Lady of the Airways on Beverly Street and was opens.

1949 The “Jetliner”, North America’s first jet passenger plane, is manufactured at A. V. Roe.

1952 The replacement school for Malton’s first school is demolished.

1952, a new Malton Public School was created on Airport Road.

1953 Plans by A.V.Roe for the CF105 Avro Arrow begin.

1954 The land including where Westwood Mall and Westwood Secondary School currently lays is sold to developers.

1957 Ridgewood Public School on Cambrett Street opens due to an influx of homes being built in the area.

1958 Malton Airport improved to increase capacity.

1959 Feburary 20 – “Black Friday” - Prime Mininster John Diefenbaker ordered everything related to the Arrow be destroyed as the jet was “obsolete and too expensive.” 

1960’s Victory school is shut down due to the creation of the new Malton Public School on Airport Road. 

1961 – Truck full of airplane feule explodes in Malton, requiring Firefighers from several communities to assist in putting out the blaze.

1964 New Malton Airport begins opens.

1964 Marvin Heights Public School on Redstone Road was opens as 150 homes were built in the Marven Heights are of Malton.

1968 Corliss Public School on Corliss Crescent opens as one thousand new homes are built in the Westwood Subdivision.

1968 Lancaster Senior Public School on Netherwood Road opens as the Board of Education for the Town of Mississauga determined that students need a smoother transition into high school through elementary school by way of a senior school.

1968 Westwood Secondary School on Morning Star Drive East of Goreway opens. 

1969 – Gas Main explodes on Airport and Derry roads destroying many historical shops in that location.

1969 Dunranken school on Dunranken Drive opens.

1969 schools came under direction of Peel County Board of Education

1971 – International Centre founded in Malton.

1971 Darcel Avenue Senior Public School on Darcel Avenue opens due to an ever-increasing population in the area.

1972 Malton Airport opens a second terminal due to increased demand

1974 – GO station built in Malton giving Maltonians quick access to downtown Toronto.

1974 – Malton becomes part of the City of Mississauga as Word Five.

1974 Brandon Gate Public School on Brandon Gate road opens.

1974 Peel County Board of Education renamed to Peel Board of Education

1977 Morning Star Secondary School on Morning Star Drive West of Goreway opens.

1981 Malton Public School on Airport Road is closed after a massive decrease in students due to the opening of many schools that exist today.

1984 Malton Airport renamed Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

1987 – Old Malton Public school is purchased by the Sikh community to form a place of worship known as the “gurdwara,” and led to the increase in Sikh population seen through the late 80’s to the present.

1991 Lester B. Pearson International Airport opens Terminal 3

2000 Westwood Secondary School is renamed Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School after the closure of Morning Star Secondary School (I was a graduate in the final class of Morning Star Secondary).

2004 New Terminal 1 opens.

2004 April 5, Terminal 1 is demolished.


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