Photo Restoration Services:

From time to time, I'm asked by relatives or friends to retouch a damaged photo.  I would like to bring that joy to others.  If you would like me to retouch, brighten, copy, etc. any of your pictures, contact me at

 Below are three examples of my work:

My sister had given my grandmother a picture frame for mother's day.  My grandma decided to put a picture of grandpa.  She asked me to just put in her existing picture.  The picture had folds on the arms and tie, as well as some stains on the mid-left part of the jacket.  I figured I may as well fix up the folds and stains that were there, and give her a few extra copies just in case she ever lost this one.  This was one of her last photo's of grandpa, who passed away when I was in grade three.  She hadn't been expecting restoration of the picture, and was very excited by the result.  

The following is the before and after pictures of my grandfather that I fixed for my grandmother:  

Original Picture (Notice the Folds and Stains)

After Restoration


Another picture I have retouched is one of my Mom and Dad from their wedding.  The picture has many stains, and faded out in the lower left due to being placed near a halogen lamp.

The following is the before and after pictures: 

Original Picture

After Restoration


If you too need photo restoration, prints, etc., feel free to contact me at

I so far can only print up to 8.5x11 pictures.  I try to charge as reasonable a price as possible as I do this only as a hobby and to bring joy to others.

If you like my services, please recommend me to others.

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