Here are 14 wallpaper images for you to enjoy!


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Then, (on windows) right-click and select 'Set as Background' to

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Taj Mahal-mid view (和oe Singh)

Taj Mahal-spectacular view (和oe Singh)

Taj Mahal-upward view (和oe Singh)

Gate to Taj Mahal (和oe Singh)

India Gate (和oe Singh)

Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukdev (和oe Singh)

"CNN" Tower of India (和oe Singh)

Heard of sheep (和oe Singh)

View from Dalhousie (和oe Singh)

Dalhousie view 2 (和oe Singh)

Dalhousie view 3 (和oe Singh)

Dalhousie view 4 (和oe Singh)

Dalhousie view 5 (和oe Singh)

Field of Grazing Sheep (和oe Singh)

Marijuana Leaves (和oe Singh)


You can request wallpaper from any image from the India trip or any other picture taken by Moe by

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